Make your Restaurant Profitable.

Get more diners and orders. Make a bigger profit. Find better staff. Manage your restaurant from around the world. BKK Hospitality will help your restaurant thrive in Thailand.
About BKK Hospitality
About us

Welcome to BKK Hospitality

BKK Hospitality is a professionally accomplished Hospitality Consulting firm which specialises in setting up Restaurants, Cafes, Kitchens etc along with other essentials like marketing and IT support. We are a one-stop- shop for all your requirements in the hospitality industry with an experience of over a decade and a half. Our core strength lies in concept & facility planning, kitchen & bar set up, developing menu, staffing & training, accounting & billing system management blended with the most crucial IT, branding and communication strategy.

Services For You

What does your restaurant need?

Digital Marketing

Make sure your restaurant is found in Google, on social media and on food apps. You'll get a free website, frequent posts to you GMB, web and social media and even a photographer to take your photos and videos!

F&B Consulting

From interior design and concept to uniforms and music. The team at BKK Hospitality is ready to put together every aspect of a profitable restaurant in the service of you and your diners. Make your dining experience dream a reality.

Food Delivery

Food delivery is critical. Relax. We'll setup your delivery menu with photos and descriptions in Thai and English, so everyone can find your food. Then send your application to Grab, Food Panda and others.

I.T. Solutions

From cash register to back office accounting and delivery apps. We'll make sure everything is seamless connected so you can keep track of every gram of food, beverage and profits into and out of your restaurant.


Run your restaurant from across the world! BKK Hospitality will hire and fire your staff, supervise them, manage the finances and food inventory, pay your rent, do your marketing and send your profits to you every month.

Menu Design

What's on your menu? Do your prices make sense for your cuisine, location, and food costs? We'll help you put together a great menu, and the right pricing so you make a profit every time. Then design and print the actual menu for you.

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Why choose us?

Impressive Solutions


Restaurant Marketing

Consistent and powerful digital marketing, photography and videography done for you. Including free website, Google and SEO setup. Weekly social media postings.


Restaurant Management

Sit back and let us manage your restaurant. Staffing. Planning. Profit. Hiring & Trainings. Reporting. Food management. Facility management. Whether you're in Bangkok or not.


Restaurant Concept

Menu design. Logo design. Food design. Plating selection. Dining room decoration. You have your restaurant, now let's make a beautiful experience together.